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European Tour - SIDDIS Brass

Siddis Brass, is quite simply one of our biggest and favourite events in the calendar. It requires a huge crew, huge kit, links with universities and lots of meticulous planning.

The event started off with a training day at the University of Stavanger (UiS). Students from the Television and Multimedia Production course got hands on with our kit so they can get them selves familiarised ready for the streams over the weekend. They watch previous years footage and listen to keynotes from IBB staff. Most of the kit they have used and seen before, with one of the humorous moments coming when all the students asked for the preview and program monitors to be switch in the vision mixer. It seems like they don't just drive on the left in Norway!

All set for training day!

The PTZz from Panasonic and Sony proved very popular with the students, although they did lean to then new shiny Sony kit. The students aren't used to using PTZs so it was vital that we gave them time to learn about them and give them hands on experience.

Sound is a very important part of our streams and we wanted to impart our knowledge with another set of students from the Music Production and Recording course at UiS. Our technical manager who's also our Head of Audio met with Zack Bresler who is the tutor on the course. Between them they came up with 4 audio rigs for each hall, with the focus being on delivering excellent sound for the viewers. We met with the audio students and explained how setting for recording brass bands is quite different to most situations and special techniques needed to be used.

Audio Students Mixing the Elite section

The day it self went extremely well with all streams running without hitch throughout the day. This meant we could enjoy the amazing sounds from "The Big Shake Up" in the gala concert and experience something not seen at any UK band contest; a huge party at the hotel!

Again our thanks must go to the Siddis organising committee and particularly Steffen Rogne. See you next year!

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